4 September 2020
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4 September 2020, Comments 0

Dear guardians, well-wishers, and students,
Seasonal greetings to all of you on behalf of New Galaxy!

The glorious history of New Galaxy created since 1994 and the legacy inherited
since then has already epitomized its benchmark of contemporary education in
the domain of private educational venture specifically in Pokhara and the western
the region of Nepal at large. Involvement of new management team from the academic
session 2017, has set off a rejuvenating effect over the spirit of NGSS family to
innovate and grow with a zeal, intensity, and enthusiasm for academic excellence at
par with the global context. NGSS, empowered with a highly qualified, renowned
and professional team has added Tourism and Hotel Management in its program
list of Science and Management in Grade XI and XII since 2017 with sufficient
the backing of practical classes and field-based research works.

NGSS is moving ahead with a clear vision of making it a center of academic excellence
of this province. It has already become the favorite institution for students of more
than 30 districts. New Galaxy, the leading school/ college of Science, Management,
Tourism and Hotel Management in Pokhara might be the kind of institution most
of you are dreaming of to shape and design the future.
I eagerly look forward to responding to your queries.

Dr. Ramji Sharma

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