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New Galaxy (H) Secondary School (+2 College of Science, Management, Tourism, and Hotel Management) situated at the heart of Pokhara is a well-recognized name for the benchmark of quality education in Western Nepal. Since its establishment on 1st January 1994 (17th Poush 2051 BS), the institution has been focusing continuously to impart modern education compatible with the global standard. The institution is gradually shifting its teaching dynamics towards student-centric pedagogy by developing a conducive and creative learning
the environment that provides ample opportunities to enhance students’ talent and intelligence not
only in academics but also in co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities like games and sports. The school with a strong reputation in +2 level Science and Management has become successful to establish its brand as one of the best +2 schools/colleges in the town not only in Science and Management but also in Tourism and Hotel Management in a short lifespan of the stream’s introduction. A team of dedicated and successful professionals with a distinct vision and long academic experience is an asset of the institution. This is perhaps the reason that has made it a center of the first choice for students of more than 20 districts of Nepal.