About Us


New Galaxy (H) Secondary School (+2 College of Science, Management, Tourism, and Hotel Management) situated at the heart of Pokhara is a well-recognized name for the benchmark of quality education in Western Nepal. Since its establishment on 1st January 1994 (17th Poush 2051 BS), the institution has been focusing continuously to impart modern education compatible with the global standard. The institution is gradually shifting its teaching dynamics towards student-centric pedagogy by developing a conducive and creative learning
the environment that provides ample opportunities to enhance students’ talent and intelligence not
only in academics but also in co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities like games and sports. The school with a strong reputation in +2 level Science and Management has become successful to establish its brand as one of the best +2 schools/colleges in the town not only in Science and Management but also in Tourism and Hotel Management in a short lifespan of the stream’s introduction. A team of dedicated and successful professionals with a distinct vision and long academic experience is an asset of the institution. This is perhaps the reason that has made it a center of the first choice for students of more than 30 districts of Nepal.


“Become a center of academic excellence to produce quality and competent citizens for the society through student-centric learning environment and standard teaching pedagogy at the part with global level”


Develop a conducive, creative and innovative learning environment which can be supportive to explore the talent and intelligence of students and help transform them to be the good citizens of the 21st century.


The objective of the school is to provide them standard education as per the requirement of modern time giving high emphasis on a character a building, acquisition of knowledge and wisdom at an affordable fee. To achieve this,

NGSS adheres with the following specific five objectives:

  • Develop a conducive and highly supportive
    learning environment
  • Adopt student-centric teaching/learning
    pedagogy to explore the talent of each and
    every student.
  • Focus on ethics and moral character
  • Impart the knowledge of social norms
    values, beliefs and attitudes
  •  Keep students abreast of the latest
    knowledge on Science and Technology
    Management, Hotel Management, Tourism
    and entire hospitality industry.



  • Managed by highly experienced and renowned academicians.
  •  SEE topper school in NPABSAN, Kaski.
  •  Kaski District Topper school in Management.
  •  MBBS Entrance Exam Topper school
  • HISSAN Sports Champion in 2074
  •  Varieties of Scholarships for meritorious and outstanding students.
  • Personal care, follow up and monitoring to each and every student.
  •  Special classes for weak students.
  • The balance of study, sports, and co-curricular activities.
  •  Use of Audio-Visual and Multimedia Projector
  • Use of IT in teaching (e-learning) e-messaging to parents via its own Mobile Application.
  •  Focused on student-centric teaching pedagogy with project work and VAK (Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic/Tactile) approach in teaching.
  • Internship facilities for college students
  •  Science, Management, Tourism and Hotel Management under a single roof.
  •  Well-equipped Labs (Hotel Management/ Science) and Library
  •  Canteen with varieties of hygienic food at reasonable cost.
  • Hostel facility for school as well as college students.


FOR 10+2 Level

Admission forms will be made available immediately after the SEE result and the entrance examination will be held in the prescribed date. The entrance examination will be based on the subject command, language command, IQ, and creativity. The result will be published on the following basis of weight:

  • Written examination marks 60%
  •  SEE score 20%
  •  Interview followed by
  •  written examination 20%

2. An attested copy of SEE mark sheet (or downloaded) or SEE marks ledger of the school attested by the Principal should be submitted at the time of entrance examination.

3. FOR SCIENCE: Candidates should have scored at least B in major subjects and C in minor subjects in SEE examination.

Candidates should have scored at least C in every subject.

  • Written examination marks 60%
  • SEE score 20%
  •  Interview followed by
  • written examination 20%


Candidates should have scored at least C in every subject. Successful candidates require the following documents to get admission in

Grade 11.

  • An attested copy of SEE Mark-Sheet.
  • An attested copy of SEE Character/
  • Transfer Certificate.


  • Students must pass the entrance an examination is taken by the school
  • Students must bring the Mark-sheet and Transfer/Character Certificate of the previous school.
  •  Admission for Play-Group, Nursery, K.G. and One will be done on the basis of age and oral test.


For Grade XI/XII

  •  Light Green Shirt.
  •  Navy Blue Pant/Skirt.
  •  Navy Blue Coat.
  •  White Spotted Navy Blue Tie
  • Black Shoes with Black Socks (BlackStocking for Girls)
  •  For Practical Classes: Chef Uniform and Black Bow Tie for Hotel Management Students and White Apron for Science Students for Practical Classes.
  • Creamy White Shirt and Bluish Green Pant for Boys.
  •  Creamy White Shirt and Check Green Skirt for Girls.
  • Black Woolen Sweater (For Winter)
  • Green And Creamy White Strip Tie
  • Black Leather Shoes with Navy Blue Socks for both Girls and Boys
  • Sports Dress Twice a Week.


School buses are plying almost all parts of Pokhara City and the routes can be customized as per the requirement and request.


The school/college has a spacious library with a nice collection of text/reference books, magazines, periodicals and newspapers on different subjects and areas. Besides, the library is also a resource center with internet facility through which one can have an access to the world of information for research and study.


NGSS believes that sound physique has sound body and a sound body has the sound mind. Keeping this view, the school/college organizes various types of indoor and outdoor games and sports annually according to the school/college calendar and schedule.



The school/college has its own hostel facility for school as well as college students to accommodate boys and girls separately in a homely environment. It is managed and supervised closely by a well experienced and matured warden as well as supporting teachers with parental care to the children.


The school has the canteen with a lounge which provides hygienic food to the students and staffs at a reasonable cost.



NGSS has a well-equipped computer lab for school students. There are separate, spacious and well-resourced Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs which are probably the best in the valley. Similarly, there are five different labs for Food Production (Kitchen), Front Office, Restaurant Bar and Accommodation (House Keeping) for the students of Hotel Management.


The Academic Year from Play-Group/Nursery to Grade X starts from the 1st week of Baisakh and it is divided
into Four Terms (1st, 2nd, 3rd and Final term) with lots of revision classes and frequent tests.
For Grade XI and Grade XII, the Academic Year starts from Asar and it is divided into Three Terms (1st, 2nd
and Pre-Board) with lots of revision classes and frequent tests. Each term has an examination covering all the
lessons taught till the date. Pass Marks in the internal examinations, as well as 90% class attendance, are
mandatory for filling the forms for the final board examinations.


The school has the provision of the number of scholarships for needy and meritorious students as follows:

For 10+2

  • The school toppers (i.e. 1st, 2nd & 3rd) will get a special scholarship of 100%, 50%, and 25% respectively as
    per their position but the position should be certified by the concerned school.
  • The entrance examination toppers will get the special scholarship of 100%, 50% and 25% as per the top
    position from 1st to 3rd.
  • There is a provision of 25% scholarship on tuition fee for a special student from a school as per the recommendation
    of the Principal or the Head Teacher.
  • There is the special provision of scholarship for meritorious and needy students as per their performance and
  • The class toppers (1st/2nd/3rd) in terminal examinations will also get a motivational scholarship of 100%,
    50% and 25% respectively on monthly tuition fee.
  • There is the special provision of scholarship for outstanding players in games and sports.
  • All scholarship facilities are subjected to be withdrawn in case of disciplinary, irregularity and failure in
    term/final examinations.


  • There is the special provision of scholarship for meritorious and needy students as per their performance and
    requirement but meritorious students.
  • The class toppers (1st/2nd/3rd) in the terminal examination will get 100%, 50%, and 25% scholarship
    respectively on monthly tuition fee.